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Our chartering department is manned by a team of highly experienced professionals who are well connected with the dry bulk market. Our up to date information is backed by communication with brokers worldwide that helps us locate suitable cargoes / vessels for our respective clients at competitive rates

Emkay Line is actively involved in project cargoes movement details of which include movment of heavy machinery, genrators and lifters from gulf to indian subcontinent and pg areas. Moreover Emkay also handles the project shipments coming to Karachi for the ease of Emkay’s direct principal.
Emkay Line also operated vessels on TC basis for its project cargoes; one of them was motor vessel jamila, for the period of three months, chartered in Jun – Aug 2009 for the import of CNG buses from Ajman to Karachi. It was a shuttle service being chartered under Emkay Line from Karachi to Ajman and vice versa.

In drybulk, Emkay Line has regular firm shipments of bulk rice and cement from Karachi to PG and African destinations. Emkay direct presence in port city of Pakistan, Karachi, through exclusive agents CIM shipping is destined to market direct bulk shipments from the traders in Karachi.

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