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Emkay Line

Within a very short span of time, Emkay lines is providing its services for around 90 ports of the world. It currently holds adequate fleet available to cater the requirements from different ports.

With the edge provided by the experienced and dedicated work force it has achieved a landmark of providing best services.


Emkay Logistics

Emkay Logistics is providing total logistics solution for all types of cargo just like the leading forwarders of the world. We are working on COC as well as SOC basis which not only strengthen our relationship with main lines but also support us to provide our customer the complete solution for their requirements.


Container Trading

Emkay line has an autonomous and dedicated team for this activity. Our perspicacity and mature existence lead us to analyze on-going market conditions more delicately and skillfully. We scrutinize the varying demand of the market and confer the supply accordingly. We anticipate and predict the foresee conditions to make our decisions accurately.


Container Depot

Emkay’s strategic thinking forced us to manage our own container depot. Emkay’s dedicated depots are not only responsible for the storage of empty containers at low cost; our highly skilled workshop team also gives us the edge to maintain Containers on IICL standard at a minimum cost.

Recent Events


Europe agent visit to Emkay Line head office

Europe agent visit at Emkay Line Head office

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Spain agent visit to headoffice of EMKAY LINE pakistan

Spain agent visit to headoffice of EMKAY LINE pakistan

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